About Awaken Challenge

Awaken Challenge (AC) was initiated in 2010 by the alumni of various Tertiary Institution Buddhist Societies (TIBS). Held annually, this competition is an engaging inter-society Dharma quiz, assessing participants’ knowledge of Buddhism. The event is a highlight of the local Buddhist youth scene, based on the twofold aim of strengthening young Buddhists’ knowledge of Buddhism and fostering stronger bonds between Buddhist youth. The high rate of societies’ returning participation for each year’s Awaken Challenge is testament to its continued success.


Awaken Challenge Logo

The Awaken Challenge logo draws inspiration from the Dharmachakra (Wheel of the Dharma), which in turn symbolises the teachings of the Buddha. The spokes of the wheel represent the various Singapore Buddhist youth groups connecting with one another in the spirit of unity, harmony and friendship. The multiple colours signify the vibrance and energy of youth in their passion to promote the Buddha-Dharma. At the centre of the logo is a lotus, which is a key Buddhist symbol that stands for purity and wisdom. The central petals of the lotus also resemble a meditating figure, highlighting the importance of meditation in the path towards Nirvana (Enlightenment).



  • Connecting Singapore Buddhist youth through the Buddha-Dharma
  • Offering a platform to gain opportunities to learn the Buddha-Dharma



To be a signature PMT programme that serves as a highlight of the Singapore Buddhist youth scene.